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3d Visualisation using Three.JS

We have now started building three.js applications using the impressive javascript library on web based browsers to create experiences offering the wow factor to showcase your products and services. The

Beginners Guide To Three.js

In this article I’m hoping to enlighten you about Three.js. I’ll go over main concepts you’ll need to know in order to create a basic 3D scene with animations. I

Vegang App

We have had the luxury of working with Héctor Bellerín the Arsenal captain and right back on an exciting mobile app designed to help identify whether a food item is

Senior Web ASP.NET Core Developer

Azure Architect Certified

We are delighted to announce that we have a certified engineer working on our team. Alcides has now passed exams for DevOps and Azure Architecture as we progress Agile App

Mobile App Development London

As a mobile app development company who operate in London and the Sout East, we thought it would be sensible to list our favourite competitor app development companies who we

Mobile App Development Brighton

Brighton has long been a tech hub for innovation and growth in technology. It’s a vibrant city with the creative flair required for a silicone valley Esq atmosphere. There are

Round App

The new restaurant app that allows you to order to your table via your phone. Why choose Agile App to be your developer? Here at Agile App, we have developed

Top 5 Apps Used By Millennials

what is it that keeps us glued to our phones? Is it gaming, chatting, shopping, social media or streaming? Reports show that millennials look at their phones on average 13

Is Flutter worth your time?

Introduction 2 years ago as an indirect reply to Facebook’s React Native, Google released its own software development kit (SDK) to get itself in the dev game. It’s been gaining

App Developers in 2019

What’s new for Mobile App Developers in 2019?  We’re progressing quite quickly with operating systems and the battle between OS Share continues between Android and iOS. Where are we heading

Strong Customer Authentication

If you haven’t heard, a new regulation known as Strong Customer Authentication is being rolled out this year in September 2019 and will be required by 14th September to continue

More on Automation

Home Automation Over the last few weeks, we have been exploring something the latest home automation tech and learning what is possible with all the latest gadgets on the market. 

PWA Mobile Apps Controversy

We’ve been increasingly asked about PWA’s recently and whether they are a better approach for developing apps so we thought it would be good to provide our opinion on the

Alexa Skill Development

Alexa Skill Development Why you need to be able to say “We have an Alexa Skill on the Amazon Appstore” in 2018 So we’ve been developing an Amazon Alexa Skill

Getting Paid with InstructorPal

How to get paid with InstructorPal TO WATCH A HOW TO VIDEO CLICK HERE  Start by adding a class   Select to add payment options, and select whether you want

10 Top Apps Built With Xamarin

  Coca-Cola Bottling Co.  Consolidated is the largest independent Coca-Cola bottling distributor in the US, with over $1.5 billion in annual revenue. The field sales teams use iPads equipped with

5 minutes with … Adrian from Maakan

In this new regular series we will be speaking with the startups we helped develop apps about their business, their ideas and their experience working with Agile App CO. Today,

Getting on to the app market

Notes from our recent talk in Ashford at a local business networking event on how to get on to the app market and what three questions you should try to

Bespoke Mobile App Design

Bespoke Designs At AgileAppCo. we feel that part of building a mobile app requires a tailored and thought through custom app design. Not only does a design save time in

Mobile App for Event Tickets

If you’re looking for an event app, take a look at some of these slick designs we have in our library. These are stock designs which means a huge saving


MVP (Minimum Viable Product) On a daily basis we’re faced with businesses wanting to launch their new app and business idea to get them a return on their investment. Believe

How much to make an app?

How much!? This question is often attempted to be answered in blog entries because it is a commonly asked question usually by people wanting an app but not having any

Xamarin Now Free In Visual Studio

Here’s the information Xamarin announced on 31st March 2016 that it is available for free for everyone using Visual Studio which includes the free versions. What it means This

Microsoft to acquire Xamarin

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… It’s finally here! Yesterday Microsoft announced a deal made with Xamarin to take over the company. Microsoft have been closely working with

Get a TV App

At Agile App Co. We’re starting to develop tv apps on Google TV and Apple TV devices for businesses in the UK.    Why develop a TV App? The next

Virtual Reality

Here at AgileAppCo. We have been gaining office space at Sussex Innovatoin Centre in Falmer, Brighton and we’ve been researching some ideas with company emteq who are looking in to

Oculus Rift

Agile App Co. Would like to offer more to our services. We now have resources to develop for virtual reality so if you’re looking to move in to this new

Gaming Apps @ Agile App Co.

Introducing Tibor, a gaming app developer and Unity expert new to Agile App Co. Tibor contacted Agile App Co. back in January 2015 looking for work in software development. Tibor

Gamification in App Development

When I first heard the word gamification I thought it meant creating gaming apps. Having been ediucated about the idea by a respected partner of ours (Play Consult) the term

Xamarin Vs Appcelerator

Intro We’ve recently been looking in to the various different cross platform options and weighing up their advantages/disadvantages to help decide which development platform is the best. Firstly like anything

What Are We Working On?

Here’s what we’ve been working on recently!   Technologies we’ve been using. Over the last few weeks we’ve had some interesting projects, working with ERP Mobile Apps using RESTful Web

iOS8 Development and SDK’s

We’ve looked in to the new features coming with iOS8 specifically HomeKit HealthKit TouchID / ApplePay PhotoKit There are some others but these have been the focus for us at

Integrating Business Systems

Every business wants an all-in-one solution these days, which provides a central way to manage their business with one global system. In the last 5 years I have found countless

Multi Platform – Field Service App

Today we have seen some exciting new features added to the Xamarin Studio which includes a bunch of Open Source Apps which demonstrate multi platform development deployment using reused code

Stock Control App

We have been working on an exciting new app over the last couple of weeks, called StockPad. The App is designed for use with the MYPOS Point-Of-Sale System and allows

Reusable Code

Reusing code is the key to successful cross platform development. Why? Because God did it that way so we should too. Did you know that we share about 55% the

Top iPhone App Developers

So where do you start when choosing the right iPhone App Developers? Here are some of the Top iPhone App Development Company traits to look out for.   IT Experience

How to Integrate Mobile Apps

With all the different platforms out there it can be hard to integrate your software together to create a more efficient system. Here are some steps to help with the

Cross Platform Portability

At Agile App Co we use an exciting new development platform called Xamarin which has huge support from Microsoft. The platform allows developers such as ourselves to write code in

Mobile App Development

So…. Who would have thought it? Mobile App Development? Yes this is where we have found our energy being focused. But why? I hear you ask. Well over the last

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