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bSeen Social Network App

bSeen App

bSeen app helps you to connect with friends and others nearby who are also using bSeen, while also allowing you to connect and make friends with people who you would otherwise have been unable to contact.

How it works:

bSeen works by showing you a list of all users within a 100 metre radius. Once a user leaves your area, they enter your “recently here” list for up to 12 hours, or until they re-enter your area. You can then chat, save (save and chat later), or tag another user (receive a notification when a tagged user enters your area). The tagged feature can be turned off in the settings.

When to use:

If you are on your own in a café, or in the university pub and want to know if anyone you know is in the area and wants to meet or you want to make new friends, then you can. No longer will you have to message each of your friends to find out if they are near and want to meet. Maybe you want to find out the names of the people in your lectures, then you can. Perhaps you want to get in contact with someone whom you otherwise wouldn't have been able to, now you can. Forgot to get the number of the girl or guy from the night before? You can get in contact with them through this app.

bSeen allows you to make yourself hidden at any time, however when you are hidden you are unable to see other users. Users will NEVER be able to track your location.

When travelling on long journeys, on the train for example, we recommend making yourself hidden in the settings, to avoid battery drainage. In order to provide you with the best user experience we use your location to find people near you and although we have tried to optimise our app, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life