Social Housing Repairs App

The Empient mobile app was the first of a suite of apps designed to assist in the repair reporting aspect of the social housing market. The initial core feature was to offer a digitalised platform for the reporting of necessary repairs and maintenance from tenants to a housing association in order to reduce the overheads and cost of providing a 24/7 phone line service. 

The features also included a help bot, news and community boards and notifications of the housing association’s response in the reported repair request. There was also a web based administration dashboard for reporting and maintaining the platform for the administrators and operators of the housing association. There was also the ability to collect information via a questionnaire feature for example if a housing association wanted a quick way to gather tenant feedback on a local matter. 

“EMPIENT is designed to make life easier for tenants, especially in the social housing sector. It’s simple to report Repairs or Antisocial Behaviour, receive Messages from your landlord and feedback your opinions via Surveys or suggestions. If you want to make a complaint or pass a compliment back to your landlord — use EMPIENT. You can upload pictures or video clips as part of any Repair or ASB report. Or use EMPIENT to request your landlord to meet at your suggested date and location.”

EMPIENT is “The Tenants App” — your voice. And with your input (via My Account section), we will continue to improve it and make it the best possible app for residential tenants.

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Typical landlord size →1 ̶ 2,000 units1 ̶ 2,000 units2,000+ units
Report repairs
Report emergency repairs
Report antisocial behaviour
Attach pictures & video clips
Receive personal messages
Receive community (group) messages
Integrated Chatbot
Complete surveys
Message landlord re meeting/call
Access message history
Landlords management portal:
Create messages
Create surveys
Send to individual tenants
Send to tenant groups
Store tenant responses
Immediate reports/analytics
Assign internal users
Rent PaymentOptionalOptional
View Rent History  
Schedule Repairs  
Integrated to HMS  
Bespoke Branding  

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