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We can either manage your complete app development journey or just offer development as an extension to your existing team. We use Microsoft Xamarin and Azure services to build and support our products.


Whether part of an app or just a standalone web platform is required, we aim to deliver software that scales and lasts. Everything we do is hand-crafted in C# by our UK-based dev team.


Any development project starts with understanding. Turning a loosely defined idea or concept into a software solution is the acumen that has founded AgileAppCo. Call now for a free 30 minute consultation.


We work with you, Not for you

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Since 2015 the AgileApp Team has worked primarily on mobile and web-based apps with users in mind. Our work is of high quality and is always centred around user experience.

Our philosophy is to provide honesty, transparency, and integrity in business in order that relationships can be established on firm foundations and principles. We make an effort to enjoy spending time with our clients and as a result, we can do business together more effectively. 


Collaborative and Creative


User Centred Agile Development


London and Brighton, UK

Who we are

We’re an experienced team of app developers and consultants with over 40 years combined experience in IT specialising in cross-platform development and data interconnectivity and our aim is to pursue a “can-do” attitude towards software development.

Our mission statement is to reduce time, overheads, cost, inefficiencies, and waste in your business and to provide software that builds, scales, adapts, and returns on your investment.

Our philosophy

By keeping an open dialog with our clients we set daily meetings that aim to ensure the development process is always being nurtured in the right direction.

The principles we follow are “Agile”. Information on the key principals can be found here. We are aware that your requirements may evolve but your initial budget could be fixed, Agile development helps to accommodate this and ensures you end up with a product that is viable. We believe in small incremental releases of software and frequent updates. We use “User Stories” to outline requirements in a clear and concise way, involving our clients in the process every step of the way.

How we work

Sadly we don’t take on any app project. We vet all of the projects we take on to ensure we’re confident that the business is viable and we develop relationships before we decide on the fit of our clients.

This allows us to invest in your idea and will offer a return on its investment. We are deliberately careful about new client projects we take on to increase our ability to serve our existing successful app projects. 

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What Our Clients Say...



Agile App has been the development partner for Trueview and has very much been a partner throughout the process and has produced good quality work and has communicated extremely well throughout the project

Neil Johnson, Founder

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