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Stripe and ApplePay with Xamarin Forms

How to add ApplePay to your Xamarin Forms app using Stripe.

Since there was no where available on the internet that shared how to integrate ApplePay with Stripe and Xamarin Forms we decided to share the information as to how we did it. 

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Strong Customer Authentication

If you haven't heard, a new regulation known as Strong Customer Authentication is being rolled out this year in September 2019 and will be required by 14th September to continue receiving payments from customers with transactions that are not exempt from this new regulation. 

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More on Automation

Home Automation

Over the last few weeks, we have been exploring something the latest home automation tech and learning what is possible with all the latest gadgets on the market. 

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PWA Mobile Apps Controversy

We've been increasingly asked about PWA's recently and whether they are a better approach for developing apps so we thought it would be good to provide our opinion on the movement of PWA's and whether native / hybrid development is going to become a thing of the past. 

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