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Multi Platform - Field Service App

Today we have seen some exciting new features added to the Xamarin Studio which includes a bunch of Open Source Apps which demonstrate multi platform development deployment using reused code and resources. The result is: Saving you money on your multi platform app.

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Stock Control App

We have been working on an exciting new app over the last couple of weeks, called StockPad. The App is designed for use with the MYPOS Point-Of-Sale System and allows users to roam around their stores performing various stock actions.

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Reusable Code

Reusing code is the key to successful cross platform development. Why? Because God did it that way so we should too. Did you know that we share about 55% the same DNA as a banana?

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How to Integrate Mobile Apps

With all the different platforms out there it can be hard to integrate your software together to create a more efficient system. Here are some steps to help with the technical aspects of integrating iPhone, Android and Windows Apps with other software applications.

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Cross Platform Portability

At Agile App Co we use an exciting new development platform called Xamarin which has huge support from Microsoft. The platform allows developers such as ourselves to write code in native .NET language i.e. C# and to port libraries to all 3 major mobile operating systems.

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Mobile App Development

So.... Who would have thought it? Mobile App Development? Yes this is where we have found our energy being focused. But why? I hear you ask. Well over the last decade we have seen so much happen in the IT world.

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