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iOS8 Development and SDK’s

We’ve looked in to the new features coming with iOS8 specifically

  • HomeKit
  • HealthKit
  • TouchID / ApplePay
  • PhotoKit

There are some others but these have been the focus for us at Agile App Co. because they air around our interests.



We’ve looked in to some of the devices you can get which look great for example the SkyBell doorbell. You can use an App to view the person at your door, speak to them and even let them in (using another smart device). For details on the SkyBell device have a look at their website at

Of course there is more potential behind the concept here. It seems as though the concept of being able to view and communicate with a smal device such as this with a smart phone has many more uses than just a doorbell. The device could be linked up to face recognition software for businesses or used to track clocking in and out etc etc so we look forward to seeing how this technology manifests itself in other smart devices such as this.


Having taken a glimpse at the iWatch we are really excited to see how this SDK can change the way we live and work. By recording such detailed and exhaustive health statistics the impact could be huge, especially when you think about how it might link up to the NHS or similar!


Our experience in the financial markets mean that the TouchID technology can start to make an impact very quickly seeing as Contacless payments are only just starting to spread their way in to retailers.  With the payment industry in desperate need for innovation, the timing for this technology seems to be perfect with the right demographic and the right security measures in place.


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