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Microsoft to acquire Xamarin

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

It’s finally here! Yesterday Microsoft announced a deal made with Xamarin to take over the company.

Microsoft have been closely working with Xamarin to provide a lean suite of development tools to create cross platform apps on all platforms.


What does this mean?

Most of the current discussion seems to be around the pricing structure of Xamarin, which people feel should be more in line with an accessible development platform. Currently you have to pay $999 for a business license which his large per developer for small SME development agencies. We’re hoping that this pricing structure is made more accessible to allow the technology to be more attainable so that more developers can use it.

The Xamarin blog quotes this statement “This acquisition is a new beginning for Xamarin—the company and its products—and is an opportunity to help many, many more developers build great apps. Like many of you, I see Microsoft and Xamarin as a perfect fit. Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first strategy is a great match for the Xamarin products and team. Check out Scott Guthrie’s blog post to get his perspective.”


Will Microsoft be the end of Xamarin

Microsoft have announced in recent years that they are committed to improving their software base rather than spending so much time on the failed phone system Windows Phone. Xamarin is one of many steps in the Microsoft business model to improve their services over all platforms rather than trying to be anti agnostic like Apple or Google.

It will be more than interesting to see what happens at the coming events like Xamarin Evolve and immonent Microsoft talks.

Microsoft to acquire Xamarin and empower more developers to build apps on any device

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