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Recently, a friend and business owner of another mobile app development company passed a lead on to us stating that they didn’t work with startups. Initial thoughts questioned our own business model as to whether taking on new startups was a good idea when building mobile apps for new businesses. What was the reasoning behind this decision and should we adopt the same principal?

After much thought it became obvious that this decision was a financial one. The risks associated with taking on startup work is higher and the chance that you will get repeating business is generally lower and I can understand the reasoning behind making a decision like this. At Agile App Co. We have moved to a business model that is contrary to this business model and is actually in fabvour of new businesses. Why?

When asking the question; “Should we only take on well established businesses and not startups?” The first response was to answer a question with a question, what does our service lend itself best to? A startup or an existing well established business? Well, we’re a team that hungers after innovation, automation and newer and better ways of developing software. We believe that the best way to harvest such expertise is to be writing new software with new technology as frequently as possible. Take the scenario where a team of developers work on one platform; Let’s say it took 5 years to get to the point where the product is mature enough to be generating considerable income from the software. The reality is, unless the software is rewritten, what was available 5 years ago has been superceded by years of innovation, including performance, functionality and reliability in resources available. 

We have two questions to answer; Let’s not get distracted. So what does our service lend itself well to? The answer is simple. Our team are good at building new companies because each and every member has come on board with a passion for being entreprenurial. We don’t like repeating the same things over and over again even if we charge for doing so. We’re in this for the long run and if we can get to a place where we’re able to build software in a fraction of the time, we’re going to be hard pushed to be beaten on price against our competitors. We can focus on quality, whilst still providing a low cost solution. This is why providing software to new businesses with seed investment will always be our forte. 


“Should we only take on well established businesses and not startups?” We should take on both. Why? Because we believe that we won’t be able to support large more well established businesses unless we have learnt a thing or two from the experience that comes with constantly building new businesses from the ground up. If your team claim to be entreprenurial then builidng new businesses and taking on startups is not optional, its not a necessary evil, but is an absolute must if you want your team to remain engaged and fit for serving a world in need of decent software development. That is why at Agile App Co we are a startup friendly mobile app development company, ready to share our years of experience when helping you to build a new successful business that returns on its investment. 

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