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Xamarin Android iOS BluetoothLE Medical Device

Here at Agile App Co. We’ve been developing a mobile app to connect to a medical device intended for the NHS to be able to record real-time patient data in the fight for beating the covid-19 pandemic but also for monitoring vital signs in real-time.

Using Xamarin we have been able to integrate with a device known as the checkmepro; A bluetooth medical device that records ECG data, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse/Heart Rate, Body Temperature, Blood Pressure as well as Pedometer data and more.

Using BluetoothLE we have been able to record ECG, O2 and Pulse Rate data in real-time and post to the cloud for live analysis by AI to detect health complications within seconds. Doctors can be at a different location to the patient and see information relating to the patient less than a second before it is recorded. 

Designed to be used in care homes, the new mobile app can record patient information and data relating to their health via a number of sensors that plug into the device.

Integrating with BluetoothLE devices can be very difficult from a development perspective because of the unknowns and diversity of devices in the market. Each integration is unique and comes with hurdles that slow integration down.

The main benefit of using BluetoothLE devices is that you don’t have to go through an approval process with Apple to white list your product, however, there are limitations on the size of data packet you can send and receive to the device which can be problematic if you are trying to receive large chunks of data more than 20 bytes in length. 

Information on the checkme pro device and manufacturer can be found here… 

If you are considering mobile app development using bluetooth to connect to any BluetoothLE device please get in touch as we have extensive experience with iOT interconnectivty in this area. 

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