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Introducing Tibor, a gaming app developer and Unity expert new to Agile App Co.

Tibor contacted Agile App Co. back in January 2015 looking for work in software development. Tibor has come over from Hungary to live in the UK with his family to settle down here for a better life.

We @ Agile App Co. are excited to boast the new skills available to us in the gaming industry across multiple platforms. Tibor has extensive experience using Unity which is the de facto standard for game development. Tibor is working on some of our latest projects currently and we are excited to soon leverage the gaming expertise that are now available in our company. 

If you’re looking for Gaming App Development in Brighton or London Agile App Co. are now your first stopo option to help you.

Get in touch by calling us on 020 7193 9702 now! Or contact us via our form or chat option in the corner!


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