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How to Integrate Mobile Apps

With all the different platforms out there it can be hard to integrate your software together to create a more efficient system. Here are some steps to help with the technical aspects of integrating iPhone, Android and Windows Apps with other software applications.

  1. Use Xamarin for developing Apps. We use this because it allows us to create Portable Class Libraries that can be reused to create Apps for iOS, Android and Windows using the same code. This allows for highly agile and rapid development of mobile apps.
  2. Use APIs. When data is to be accessed by different applications, APIs are great for making your business software more accessible and more versatile. Where an API isn’t available use tools like web services to create them.
  3. Choose a master system. If you’re looking to avoid double entry data you’ll need to decide on a master system where the data is to be entered in the first place. Choosing the right master system is critical as misinformed choices can lead to barriers later on down the line. We would tend to recommend a Microsoft SQL Database.
  4. Create a data flow diagram. Drawing out on paper how data will flow through the various software applications in your business will help to understand visually what you are trying to achieve. A picture says a thousands words theory.
  5. Get Advice from Software Consultants. These are hard to find that offer sound advice as integration work can be highly subjective. There’s no harm in meeting someone that might be able to offer you some good advice on these matters.


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