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Top iPhone App Developers

So where do you start when choosing the right iPhone App Developers? Here are some of the Top iPhone App Development Company traits to look out for.


  • IT Experience – talk to the technical people in the company to ensure that there is enough business experience as well as technical knowledge.
  • Branding – Ensure that the companies branding is well portayed as this is a reflection of standards that will also be carried through to your product.
  • Pricing – Check that the pricing isn’t ambiguous and that it isn’t suspisciously cheap. A well established iPhone App Developer will have clear and modest pricing.
  • Location – If you’re in the UK we would suggest using a UK Based iPhone App Development Company for good communication and accessibility reasons.
  • Portfolio – Check on some of the recent projects that have been worked on to see if there are similarities to your requirements in there.
  • References – Get in touch with other clients and test their experience.

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