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.NET Mobile Web Back-end Service for Xamarin Apps

Every Mobile App Requires a Backend.

Over the last few months we have been hard at work building a Mobile Back End as a Service (MBaaS). Rather than using off the shelf packages we decided to use our in house capabilities to create an ASP.NET MVC & Web API Backend to leverage all the common functionality required across the apps we build for our clients. Therefore creating the “Agile App Co. Backend Portal“.

Something we strive to do at Agile App Co. is not just create Apps but create Businesses, and in order to do this we knew we would need an extremely flexible and scalable web system to manage the administration required by the apps we build. 

Utilising the Azure Messaging Hub, and ASP.NET Identity framework we have created an advanced customer management system for the purpose of maintaining, marketing and administering mobile appplications. All this has been done using the latest html5 and javascript frameworks for a responsive and intuitive user experience that is, of course, available on any device or platform



The Portal provides instant access to customers that have signed up to the app, allowing you to build targetted marketing campaigns and manage your customer data. Integration with third party email providers such as MailChimp will allow you to successfully engage your users and ensure they are having the experience you intended. With Geo Location and GPS tracking you can find out where your users are and decide how best to contact them. Send push notifications to specific user groups or users within a certain area or radius. 


Add gamification to your apps with user ratings and score boards to engage your users and keep them emersed in your app. We believe in gamification as a means to changing users behaviour and providing a more addictive experience for consumers. As we mentioned before it’s not about creating an app it’s about creating a business and we’re committed to providing you with the tools required to maximise your chances of business success. 

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