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Using Azure Back-end with Xamarin Apps

Xamarin /Visual Studio Community 2015 / Azure Cloud

Its coming together at Microsoft. The ability to create a cross platform app with a backend REST service using the WebAPI of ASP.NET is very quick and extremely powerful. There seems little need for third party off the shelf backend web packages now with the ease in which you can deploy a web back end with Microsoft’s Web API platform. Not to mention the fact that you can consume the API and have an App on Android and iOS (and Windows if you want) all using the same code base. That’s one developer, three mobile apps and a web platform. Good value for money if you ask me.

Whatever city you’re in, there are people constantly coming up with new ideas and with a platform like Xamarin the ability to stand up against the competition on the AppStores has become more accessible. We’re able to build Enterprise mobile apps for the people of Brighton and beyond at a very low cost without compromising on design or user experience. That’s why we use our in house branding expert Sean Lee-Amies to wireframe and concept beautiful designs that we then implement using Xamarin Forms for the pixel perfect finish.


And so we have made…

Seeing the potential behind the new acquisition of Xamarin, we’ve started building our own mobile back-end with out of the box services such as notifications, user ratings, geo location services and user authentication. The AgileMobileBaaS as it is currently known in it’s development state will leverage a wealth of funcitonality as standard, immediately to any new app we build; not only reducing the cost of the app build but adding huge value to our clients businesses from the get go. The idea being that our clients all benefit from the product expanding and that it gives a competitive advantage to new businesses who can obtain many months of development work for a low monthly cost. 


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