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Reusable Code

Reusing code is the key to successful cross platform development. Why? Because God did it that way so we should too. Did you know that we share about 55% the same DNA as a banana?

This is an unbelievable truth that gives us inspiration as developers to want to achieve this kind of efficiency when developing applications. Ultimately the lines of code we write should be optimised to be reused as much as possible. If we are writing code on many different platforms then we are a) making ourselves unnecessary amounts of work and b) creating potential inconsistencies in our application logic.

AgileApp endeavours to use latest technologies that allow for cross platform development so you can reuse the same code across mobile, desktop and web development. Not to mention keeping costs down and reducing development time as additional benefits to this approach, you also end up with a scalable solution, that can be built up over time improving every channel within your business.


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Alex Strong


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