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Top 5 Apps Used By Millennials

what is it that keeps us glued to our phones? Is it gaming, chatting, shopping, social media or streaming? Reports show that millennials look at their phones on average 13 times an hour, which means they look at their phone 150 times during waking hours! apps are a huge part of this with 13-37-year-olds reporting they have over 30 apps installed on their phones. 

At number one it’s:


This is a hugely popular app and sits at the top of the ranking for 13-17-year-olds, 18-24-year-olds, 25-37-year-olds and male and female, with around one billion monthly active users. Instagram allows you to keep up with your friends, post pictures on your story and main feed but also has many other functions. many funny videos and memes are posted daily, shopping is also a popular way to use Instagram. Instagram has also opened up many new job opportunities for young influencers who post adds up trying to sell various different items dependant on their target audience. it is very engaging and connecting to the users providing instant gratification and a place where you can tune out of the world around you. So no wonder it was voted most popular!

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This is another multi-billion pound app both owned by the same company with around 2.45 billion users in 2019. it would appear to be most used but not most liked by millennials suggesting it may have a slightly older target audience. This like Instagram is away with keeping up with friends and family and is another social network. Lots of studies have worked towards figuring out what exactly goes on in our brains when we participate in social media. A recent study discovered a strong connection between Facebook and the brain’s reward center. This area processes rewarding feeling about life. when we get positive feedback on Facebook the feelings light up this part of the brain. This may suggest why we enjoy using social media so much.

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3) Snapchat

Coming in at three top apps is Snapchat. Pulling out your phone sending a quick pic via Snapchat is very quick and convenient which is why it’s so popular. It is mostly used by under 25 bracket but is very engaging with various different filters to use and stories that your friends might post. Snapchat first became popular in 2013 just a year after launching Snapchat hit 10 million active users.

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4) youtube

This is a video platform for people, which makes it so much easier for creators to share unique content with a large viewing audience. The simplicity of this concept has attracted millions of content creators globally which in turn has opened up a wide variety of content to the world. It has allowed many people to become a global star with some content creators with over 100 million followers. It’s a form of light hearted entertainment designed to make the user feel entertained.

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5) Amazon

Around 150 million users use the Amazon app in 2019, With the target audience being 20-29 years old. Its an online shopping app that often delivers within a day of ordering due to amazon prime, a subscription that gives you all sorts of benefits. It ties into instant gratification and why people have a massive need to have things straight away. This is one of the main reasons why Amazon has made a massive success for its self.

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