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Virtual Reality

Here at AgileAppCo. We have been gaining office space at Sussex Innovatoin Centre in Falmer, Brighton and we’ve been researching some ideas with company emteq who are looking in to some virtual reality projects.

We’re looking at how real life situations can be replicated using a virtually constructed environment, with the various 3D systems currently available, whether that’s on tablets or the Oculus Rift or even the Leap Motion device. Specifically we’ve been looking at creating a virtual supermarket linked up to a major supermarket chains data to provide a virtual experience of shopping.

One of the aims is to recreate a real world virtually, whilst leveraging technology to upsell and gather data. For example in a virtual supermarket you can provide feedback on an item whilst recording where the user is focused and then providing a service based on this information. For example an application might be that the user focuses on an item, this information is recorded and analysed, we then discover that with the “carrotts” they may be looking at a recipe containing this item is quickly displayed in front of them and the opportunity to quickly add all the items to their basket is offered to the user.

We’ve captured some of the research on video for people to see


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