Cross platform

Round App

The new restaurant app that allows you to order to your table via your phone. Why choose Agile App to be your developer? Here at Agile App, we have developed

Microsoft to acquire Xamarin

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… It’s finally here! Yesterday Microsoft announced a deal made with Xamarin to take over the company. Microsoft have been closely working with

Xamarin Vs Appcelerator

Intro We’ve recently been looking in to the various different cross platform options and weighing up their advantages/disadvantages to help decide which development platform is the best. Firstly like anything

Reusable Code

Reusing code is the key to successful cross platform development. Why? Because God did it that way so we should too. Did you know that we share about 55% the

Cross Platform Portability

At Agile App Co we use an exciting new development platform called Xamarin which has huge support from Microsoft. The platform allows developers such as ourselves to write code in

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