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Xamarin Vs Appcelerator

Intro We’ve recently been looking in to the various different cross platform options and weighing up their advantages/disadvantages to help decide which development platform is the best. Firstly like anything you have to define “best”. If “best” is providing your client with the highest quality product then you may go down a different route compared […]

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What Are We Working On?

Here’s what we’ve been working on recently!   Technologies we’ve been using. Over the last few weeks we’ve had some interesting projects, working with ERP Mobile Apps using RESTful Web services and Lighting and hire inventory Apps using SOAP services. We’ve also been developing ASP.NET Portals and are also looking currently at Magento ecommerce sites

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Reusable Code

Reusing code is the key to successful cross platform development. Why? Because God did it that way so we should too. Did you know that we share about 55% the same DNA as a banana? This is an unbelievable truth that gives us inspiration as developers to want to achieve this kind of efficiency when

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How to Integrate Mobile Apps

With all the different platforms out there it can be hard to integrate your software together to create a more efficient system. Here are some steps to help with the technical aspects of integrating iPhone, Android and Windows Apps with other software applications. Use Xamarin for developing Apps. We use this because it allows us

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